Ellinair Airline – Greek airline having its basis at “Macedonia” International Airport, Thessaloniki city. It is part of Mouzenidis Group - Greek holding – along with several other business companies with positive reputation, also including Mouzenidis Travel company – the leading tour operator in Greece.

Safety, Regularity & Quality

Company history

In February 2013, based on longstanding history of successful cooperation with both Greek and European airlines Mouzenidis Group holding has significantly expanded its scope of activities launching its own airline, Ellinair, in order to increase holding’s tourist volume.

Our personnel

Our team – professional and experienced aircraft and technical personnel - ensuring safety and comfort for passengers. Cabin crew serving passengers on board, are fluent speakers of Greek as well as of two official languages of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) – which are English and Russian. Our highly trained personnel possess all the necessary certificates to conduct flights.

Safety, regularity, highest quality standards

Transportation safety and high quality are being guaranteed due to strict operation and maintenance control which Ellinair fleet went through. Ellinair aviation carrier complies with the highest international safety standards. On the basis of rich tradition of Mouzenidis Group holding with regards to impeccable quality of customer service during the entire trip, airline, as well, applies client- oriented approach in practice.
Style & Elegance